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By Sumit

Are you interested in playing guitar? Do you want to play guitar in a manner that attracts and makes people listen? No worries, Plug & Play will help to asses all of your needs to play Guitar in a significant manner.

Plug & Play is a very famous YouTube Channel and the founder of the channel is Sumit Banerjee who is a very young and talented person from Kolkata, West Bengal in India. Sumit is a renowned guitarist in the music industry nowadays who started his channel in the year 2016 with zero subscribers and now there are more than 225k subscribers of the channel and the number is increasing day by day. The stats are more interesting when you will found that the channel has more than 10 million views and more than 15 million watch hours.

You can visit the page from this link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC84oKPRkbeGxF2qvU_RmeGw

With Sumit

Passion can be mentioned as the major aspect for getting success in any kind of field and the passion and hard work of Sumit has made him successful in the field of music. He has started his journey of being a YouTuber when he was in his early stage of playing Guitar and a struggling guitarist and now millions of people around the globe follow him for his outstanding works in playing guitar. He has made so many guitar tutorials to make people learn how to play guitar so easily and that is the reason why people are liking him and following him to learn more about how to play guitar more effectively. He has worked with so many celebrities in the music industry and has made so many videos and covers which you can found on his YouTube Channel.

As Sumit is a Bengali-speaking person, he has come up with the idea to help people how to play Guitar and solve the problems of individuals in playing Guitar in the language Bengali. Sumit has made collaborated with our website to make you people learn Guitar in a more effective and efficient way. According to Sumit, he gets Hundreds of messages and phone calls every month from all around the world that people are facing so many difficulties in playing Guitar and starting their Guitar journey. Now, we have come up with a belief that Plug & Play will help everyone to make learn how to play Guitar and how to practice Guitar lessons to enhance the skills of playing Guitar and start the journey of being a Guitarist. So, cheer up and contact us for any kind of help needed in Guitar lessons and in playing Guitar.

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